Mahdi Shafiei

Postdoctoral Fellow


  • Mixed-Membership Stochastic Block-Models for Transactional Data,  Mahdi Shafiei, Hugh Chipman, Workshop on Analyzing Networks and Learning with Graphs, Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Whistler, BC, December 11, 2009.
  • A Statistical Model for Topic Segmentation and Clustering, Mahdi Shafiei, Evangelos Milios, 21th Canadian Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Windsor, ON, May 27-30, 2008.
  • Document Representation and Dimension Reduction for Text Clustering, Mahdi Shafiei, Singer Wang, Roger Zhang, Evangelos Milios, Bin Tang, Jane Tougas, Ray Spiteri, Workshop on Text Data Mining and Management (TDMM), In conjunction with 23rd IEEE ICDE Conference, Istanbul, Turkey, April 16-20 2007.
  • Latent Dirichlet Co-Clustering, Mahdi Shafiei, Evangelos Milios, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) [10% acceptance rate], Hong Kong, December 18-22,2006.
  • Model-based Overlapping Co-Clustering, Mahdi Shafiei, Evangelos Milios, Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop on Text Mining, Sixth SIAM International Conference on Data Mining, Bethesda, Maryland, April 20-22, 2006.
  • A New Online Signature Verification Algorithm Using Variable Length Segmentation and Hidden Markov Models, Mahdi Shafiei, Hamid Rabiee, Proceedings of Seventh International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition, Edinburgh, Scotland, August3-6, 2003.

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